DIPS is available on a lease basis to interested companies.

We are continually working to improve DIPS and suggestions are welcome. Those of a nature that may benefit all users may be incorporated into the product.

Company specific requirements, such as interfaces with other systems, importing of existing data and so forth can be undertaking for a negotiated fee.

On-site training is likewise available for a negotiated fee.

System Requirements

DIPS is a Windows program and will work on versions from XP upwards.

It can be installed as a stand alone program or on a system such as Citrix.

Stand alone installations can either use a dedicated database on their own hard disk or a shared database on a server.

Remote locations, where sharing of a server database may be impractical, can synchronise with the master database via email, usually on a daily basis.

Program changes

In 2010, DIPS underwent another a significant rewrite to improve a number of options and generalise it for use throughout the industry.