DIPS software for Materials Management

The DIPS company has been wound up. However, licenses and support are still available through the developers, Graphics and Technical Systems

The original DIPS program was developed as a DOS program by Hadson Energy in 1994.

Since then it has been continually upgraded, improved and refined in response to the needs of the users, material managers in Oil companies. The original DOS program was completely rewritten as a Windows program in 2000 and then another major rewrite occured in 2004.

Until 2009, DIPS was proprietary software, used by only a handful of oil companies in Perth, Western Australia.

Now it is available on lease to the industry in general.

Companies who have used DIPS include: Hadson, Apache, OMV, Coogee Resources, Ophir, Buru Energy, PTTEP, AWE, New Standard Energy and Santos

Main Features

Download a Powerpoint presentation for the new DIPS program (1.6 mb, 27 Jul 2009)