Mal O'Connor

Mal has worked as a Materials Manager for multiple companies in Australia and overseas for many years, but is mostly retired now. Unfortunately Mal has now passed away.

Dr Kymberley Wilson

Kymberley has a PhD in Mathematics and worked for several oil companies and consultants as a Petroleum engineer, Petrophysicist and Software Developer before starting her own company, Graphics and Technical Systems in 1987.

She has been the main software developer for the DIPS system since taking over the prototype from the Hadson inhouse programmer in 1994.

Her company has several Oil industry related products, including a well planning system and a production management system. It was the software development arm of K&M Technology, now a Schlumberger company, for over 20 years and is now consulting with Merlin ERD.

These programs are in daily use in oil companies in Australia, Asia, Europe and America.